Petition Against Texas Copycat Bill To Ban Ethnic Studies (Stop Senate Bill 1128)

Senate Bill 1128 is a bill by which college courses in Mexican American history and African American history would not count towards a college degree in Texas public universities. We must stop this bill because college courses that teach about Mexican American history and African American history teach undergraduate students from a critical standpoint; students understand the meaningful contributions from individuals of color that help make this state and our country a great one. Further, students are given a multicultural educational perspective that not only underscores inclusiveness, dismantles stereotypes, and provides an opportunity for students of all racial backgrounds to collaborate towards social justice. Educational research by Gary Howard, Sonia Nieto, Paul Gorski, Tara Yosso, and Dolores Delgado Bernal illuminate that courses in Mexican American history and African American history are at the heart of educational reform; when students take courses in Mexican American history and African American history, individuals are moved towards personal transformation and educational equity is possible for students and educators of all racial backgrounds.


Texas Senator Dan Patrick, R-Houston

Texas Senator Dan Patrick, R-Houston

As Tony Diaz of Librotraficantes puts it:

Houston, TX (March 13, 2013) – Does Texas Senator Dan Patrick want to prevent the story of Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient Roy Benavidez from being taught in Texas classrooms? Dan Patrick’s Senate Bill 1128 (SB1128) would do just that.

Who: The Librotraficantes will be heading to Austin, TX this time instead of Arizona. This includes writers, professors, school board members, & students in Mexican American Studies programs.
When: Thursday, March 14, 2013. 9 a.m. – 12:30
Meetings with Education Committee Chair Rep. Seliger (9am), Dan Patrick (10:30 am) and other reps.

Why: TX Senator Dan Patrick’s SB1128 must be taken off the floor. It is another Arizona House Bill 2281 in the making. It is an attack on Ethnic Studies.

History: One year ago to the date of the filing of SB1128, The Librotraficante Caravan launched from Houston to smuggle back into Tucson books by Mexican Americas banned via Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s Arizona House Bill 2281 (AZHB2281).

Dan Patrick has basically taken Arizona House Bill 2281, the legal trigger used to prohibit Mexican American Studies in Arizona, and mixed up the numbers to create TX SB1128, thinking we would not notice this attempt to destroy Mexican American and African American Studies in Texas. He submitted the day Spring Break began so that most professor and administrators don’t know about it.

The Librotraficantes are going to make sure that everyone does.

Our Major issues with SB1128:

*This would prevent the story of Mexican American Congressional Medal of Honor Winners from being taught in courses that count toward degrees in Texas colleges.

*TX Senator Dan Patrick is basing his bill on the findings from a survey conducted by the National Association of Scholars (NAS). This group targets multicultural studies throughout the U.S. In 1990, the group was active in getting the Mexican American newspaper at the University of Texas defunded.

*If it isn’t broke, don’t’ fix it. The NAS survey uses faulty research to erroneously discredit the Texas educational system.

*In a global economy, why would anyone want to build a border wall around History Courses?


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