nonexistent country by Sesshu Foster, parts 2, 3


liminal country washo see looking out over the carson valley
liminal country anglos see driving 395 through the carson valley
liminal country zionist jews move through dreaming ever greater israel
liminal country muslims face east, or hindus or buddhists light incense and pray
liminal country christians broadcast some guy talking jesus as you drive I-5
liminal country these dreamers dream their way through, like a movie
liminal country that only exists in the 1902 overland hotel in gardnerville nevada when everybody sits down at the long tables where they set out the wine with courses of lamb and later the old lady elvira cenoz sits down to dinner with the staff
liminal country that only exists on-line or flashing on a screen or TV reruns
liminal country that only exists in papers like old magazines, wrappers, packaging and bills flapping in a freezing breeze across trash piles in the carbon county, wyoming dump
liminal country that exists only in the sentiment of pop tunes, in that noise
liminal country that exists only in images, language, data, code, streaming
liminal country that exists only in jail house skin, tattoos of pouty girls, motorcycles, cars, Jesus and virgins, skulls, gang tags, cowboy stuff, short phrases, “thug life,” “brown pride”
liminal country that exists only in electron pulses, in a haze of particles
liminal country that shimmers in the sunny haze over the carson valley
liminal country that rises beyond the last ranges of the high sierra at night
liminal country like a cat slipping into shadows beyond headlights in the dark
liminal country like the little hopeful fillip the girl applies mascara with in the car



incipient, liminal, indicated
traced, potential, seeming
immanent, imminent, evaporated
relegated, lapsed, forgotten
inherent, internal, invisible
possible, plausible, permitted

impermissible, impossible, mythical
not, never, none
unlikely, coincidental, circumstantial
missing, unseen, unknown
void, inframundo, deleted
erased, lost, insignificant

nonexistent, ephemeral, impending
limned, impalpable, indefinable
insubstantial, unformed, dispersed
imperceptible, unidentified, hidden

obscured, unrecognized, secret

ill-defined, equivocal, indeterminate
dim, unmarked, unspoken
unsaid, formless, symptomatic
unproved, unnecessary, hinted
imcomprehensible, undreamt, illusory
dubious, unnoticed, undetected
unspecified, nameless, vague
negated, denied, broken
dead, initial, germinal
nascent, embyonic, immaterial
unaccountable, bodiless, miniscule
imagined, unimagined, inconceivable
shadowy, unreal, invented
absent, transitory, fleeting
implicated, evidenced, evinced
alluded, former, invalid
derelict, abandoned, vanished
disappeared, empty, emptiness
pointless, blank, vacant
lifeless, absolute, clear
lacuna, gap, vitiated
short-lived, fraught, mispelled



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