“Kraken Destroys Dirigibles,” by Sesshu Foster at CultureStr/ke

A gas company work truck or some old flatbed Ford 550 or a 1960 Ford pickup fitted with plywood siding to extend the bed four or six feet in the air, so overloaded so often with pallets or vegetation or metal junk that the frame of the vehicle is irrevocably bent and the driver must proceed slower than traffic, or any of various step vans, or the groundskeeper’s pickup truck loaded with mowers, edgers, blowers, tools, bags, and stuff. Like you, some hold in hand the first cup of coffee of the day. Those are the ones who did not work all night.

Maybe you saw cops pull people out of a vehicle. A couple of cop cruisers with their light bars flashing at daybreak, starting early. No wonder traffic was slowing. Men kneeling on the sidewalk, hands behind their heads. Maybe you’d pay special attention if one was a woman. Did they pass that confinement law, or whatever the new law was they were talking about? You couldn’t recall.

Let’s get back to the original line of questioning we were going over, eh? What about the war between the zeppelins and the dirigibles in the skies over Los Angeles?

with art by Arturo Romo-Santillano

go to http://culturestrike.net/kraken-attacks-and-destroys-l-a-zeppelins


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