UNDER ARPAIO documentary

The official internet screening for Under Arpaio. WATCH NOW and share with others this non-commercial and grassroots independent documentary from Pan Left Productions.

This is the harrowing story of a community fighting the struggle against America’s notorious Sheriff Joe Arpaio. These are people seldom seen in the media and who have been working for justice to end Arpaio’s human rights abuses. As the Sheriff continues to distract media attention through his jail tents, chain gangs, and crusade against undocumented workers, this documentary highlights the community that have been targeted by Arpaio and his deputies in Phoenix. Stories of abuses through racially profiling, beatings and killings in jail, and arrests for opposition against the Sheriff are retold by this community under threat. Under Arpaio tells the account of the people taking a stand and organizing for dignity and justice in Arizona by standing up against the self proclaimed “toughest Sheriff.”

visit http://UnderArpaio.com and http://PanLeft.org

Producer/Director Jason is a current member of Pan Left Productions and has worked in television and independent media for over 10 years in Tucson. His documentaries have been in SXSWclick Fest and AFI Film Festival, and the recent film Under Arpaio won Best of Arizona at the Arizona International Film Festival. Jason is a MAP fund award recipient, community media educator, and helps grassroots groups produce videos dealing with human rights issues in Arizona.

Mary Charlotte Thurtle is the Co-producer for Under Arpaio. As Executive Director of Pan Left Productions she has produced numerous documentaries including The Heart and the Monster: A Journey to Cananea and Directed and Produced Quince Años. She has a B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Arizona and a M.A. in Organizational Studies from Prescott College.

Pan Left Productions is a non-profit, membership-driven collective of progressive artists. Since 1994, Pan Left has told the stories of those not equally represented in the mainstream media. Our mission is threefold: to create and distribute videos that educate and expose viewers to social, political and cultural issues; to promote do-it-yourself media and creative expression through video and other media arts; and to provide an outlet for creative, artistic expression and dialogue.

Under Arpaio is supported in part by the Ford Foundation through a grant from the National Association of Latino Arts and Culture (NALAC) Fund for the Arts.


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