NACLA Photo Contest, Deadline August 15, 2012

NACLA Photo Contest

Seventeen-year-old Eduardo traveled from Honduras. He is pictured with his few belongings.
-Photographer Lisbeth Rasch

The winning photographs in NACLA’s Summer 2012 Photo Contest depict the reality of the some 400,000 undocumented Central Americans who cross Mexico each year trying to make their way to what they hope is a better life in the United States. Some are successful, but many die, disappear, or are kidnapped en route. This migrant trail is a direct result of the global economy that forces individuals from their homes in search of opportunities abroad.

Lisbeth Rasch, from Copenhagen, Denmark, took the following photos in December 2011 and January 2012, while volunteering in migrant shelters in Tenosique, Tabasco, and Ixtepec, Oaxaca, in southern Mexico. The famous la bestia train passes through these towns carrying migrants toward the U.S. border. The travelers in these shelters carry with them the essential and nothing more: a toothbrush, perhaps a sweater, and an extra pair of boxers. We thank everyone who submitted pictures.

The topic for the Fall 2012 NACLA Photo Contest is “Media in the Americas.” The deadline is August 15.

Send your high-resolution pictures (and caption information) to, with “NACLA Photo Contest” in the subject line. The winning photograph for each issue will be published in full color in the next NACLA Report. The winning photographer will receive a copy of the magazine featuring their photograph and a one-year-subscription to NACLA.

In order to be considered for the contest, pictures should be high-resolution, 300 DPI, 4” x 6”, or at least 1 MB.

Fourteen-year-old Luisa left home in Guatemala at dawn without waking her parents because she was afraid they wouldn’t let her leave. Now the only thing she carries is the clothing she wears. -Photographer Lisbeth Rasch


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