Stand with Julio and CultureStrike

We, the cultural community, stand side-by-side with Julio Salgado and the millions of other undocumented individuals who are bravely fighting for dignity and acceptance. There are more than eleven million undocumented individuals, like Julio, in the United States. We believe this means there are more than eleven million stories that need to be told. In a time when over a million individuals have been deported in the last three years, Julio represents something different and inspiring: the belief that we can imagine immigrants as fellow human beings, people who belong here as much as anyone else.

sign this petition at:

check out the videos, graphic art, and message on Julio Salgado’s blog:


One thought on “Stand with Julio and CultureStrike

  1. Thanks for posting this. I think the troubles immigrants are facing is completely unfair; everyone is an immigrant to America unless you are of the Native Aboriginals. It’s not justified to alienate these people for wanting to start a new life in America.

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