> CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Global Graffiti on Migrations


Global Graffiti No. 7, Summer 2012

South/North, East/West: The Cardinal Directions Issue

Just as much as spatial location often defines our lives (think
about the importance of our neighborhoods, cities, nations), so too
do geographical divisions, especially those dividing north and
south, east and west. For the 7th installment of Global Graffiti,
the editors are interested in receiving work that takes up north/
south or east/west divisions and the cultural, artistic, political,
social ramifications of these geographic divides.

Global Graffiti accepts scholarly, creative, and non-fiction writing
and artwork. The magazine has published essays, stories, poetry,
journalism, photography, interviews, reviews, and dispatches from
noted writers, artists, and scholars from the US and around the
world. We look forward to receiving submissions that take up the
Cardinal Directions theme from a variety of angles and from a
variety of national, regional, and local contexts.

Possible topics include:

* Migration (movements from/to, for example: Northern and Southern
California, the West Coast and the East Coast, Bogotá and New York,
Turkey and Germany, Manila and Oslo, etc.)

*Concepts of Intellectual Property across different countries (for
example: conflicting laws regarding drug patents, the globalization
of “bootlegging,” etc.)

*The digital divide (for example: access to the Internet, wi-fi,
cellular phone distribution, hacking, firewalls, electronics
recycling, etc.)

*Musical border crossings (for example: Italian reggae, Salsa in
Tokyo, or French Raï, etc.)

*Media representations (for example: news coverage of war, pop media
representations of gender, etc.)

*Language (for example: local languages, minority languages,
dialects, pigeons, Spanglish, etc.)

*Cultural imperialism (for example: the diffusion of Hollywood
movies in various regions throughout the world, etc.)

Please send your work along with a brief bio to: globalgraffmag@gmail.com
by June 15, 2012.. All images should be sent as JPEGs while all
documents should be sent in Word or RTF format.

Monica Hanna & David Sharp


Global Graffiti – An online magazine of world culture & arts




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