Love-In for Jeremy Lin, a poem by Amy Uyematsu

It’s a win-win-win
and I’m all in
for Mr. Jeremy Lin

No one could imagine
an Asian American
NBA sensation
in this year of the dragon

It’s a win-win-win
yes, I’m all in
for Mr. Jeremy Lin

And how can I begin
it’s not just about skin
though I feel we’re like kin
as I watch this kid spin
with his kinda silly grin

Unaccustomed to the din
he’s a real genuine
plus he’s smart within
to Harvard he has been
and he can take it on the chin

It’s a win-win-win
are you all in
for Mr. Jeremy Lin?

Amy Uyematsu

Amy Uyematsu is a sansei poet and former high school math teacher from LA. She thought she was a Laker fan until Jeremy Lin came along.

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