Daniel D. Portado, Hispanics for Romney campaign

Hispanics for Romney campaign official Daniel D. Portado invites everyone to come to the big rally. Gov. Brewer! Sheriff Babeu! Sheriff Arpaio! FROM POCHO.COM

The original self-deporationist, @DanielDPortado, explains the history of the self-deportation movement. Follow @DanielDPortado on Twitter and keep up on his work to help elect NEW Self-Deportationist Mitt Romney on POCHO.COM. Video by Giovanni Solis.

The original militant self-deportationist Daniel D. Portado is back and proud as punch that his ex-boss Pete Wilson has endorsed GOP wannabe Mitt Romney. Romney has already advocated self-deportation, as Portado told Rachel Maddow, and that means Romney endorses Portado! “Attention mojados,” he warns in this video. “It’s time to self-deport!”

see also http://pocho.com/


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